Room in Roof Insulation

Room in Roof Insulation

Northern Eco Installations LTD have over 20 years specialist experience in Room In The Roof Insulation

Our aim is to make your attic room comfortable and habitable all year round. We will ensure that your attic room is warm in the Winter months and not too hot in Summer.

uninsulated room in roof

Is your attic room too hot in Summer?

uninsulated room in roof

Is your attic room too cold in Winter?

What are the benefits of Insulating your Attic Room?

Regulate the temperature of your rooms

Regulate the temperature of your attic room: By insulating your attic room it will help keep your home at the ideal temperature. It will be warm in Winter and cool in Summer?

Reduce your energy bills

Reduce your energy bills by £100’s a year: you could save up to 25% on your heating bills by insulating your attic room.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your "carbon footprint": do your bit to save our planet. By insulating your attic room, you will make your home eco-friendlier. You will also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the carbon emissions emitted into the atmosphere.

Improves your energy efficiency rating

Improves your energy efficiency rating: Insulating your attic room correctly will increase your homes energy efficiency rating. The higher your rating the more desirable your property is if you wish to sell it.

Make your attic room habitable

Make your attic room habitable: Many families do not make adequate use of the room in the roof. It is often used as a store room. This is usually because it gets too cold or too hot. Once it has been insulated you will find that you have an extra fully usable bedroom, office or whatever you want it to be.

How does the insulation work?

By insulating your attic Room, a thermal barrier is created. This barrier prevents heat escaping from the room. At the same time, it prevents unwanted heat entering the room. This is similar to the way a flask keeps drinks hot or cold

How is the Attic Room Insulated?

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How is the Attic Room Insulated
How is the Attic Room Insulated

The attic room is insulated by using thermal boards (it has insulation material on one side and plasterboard on the reverse) that are battened onto the existing wall and roof areas. This is known as overboarding. The joints are then filled, and the walls are then skimmed to a smooth finish. Some areas such as the top ceiling and the stud wall may require insulation using earth wool. Finally the room is then painted with a colour of the customers choice (from our vast colour chart). Once completed it will look like you have a new room.

How is the Attic Room Insulated

1. The Party/Gable Wall: This will be insulated by means of over boarding with thermal board. The board is internally fixed to the wall.

2. Sloping Ceiling: This will be insulated by means of thermal board

3. Dormer Walls: These will be insulated with thermal board.

4. Stud Walls: The stud wall can be over boarded with thermal board or if access can be obtained from the rear of the stud wall through a loft hatch then insulation can be done from the rear of the stud wall using 170mm Knauf Earth wool.

5. Residual Loft Floor: If access can be obtained from the rear of the stud wall through a loft hatch then this area is insulated with 300mm Knauf Earth wool.

6. Top Ceiling: Like the stud wall this can be insulated either by over boarding or if access can be gained through a loft hatch the insulation can be performed from above the stud wall using Knauf Earth wool.

7. New Skirting Boards: New skirting boards are fitted to the rooms.

8. Skimming: Once the insulation process is completed the joints will be filled. The walls are then skimmed with plaster to a smooth finish.

9. Painting the room: We will leave the room for 3 or 4 days to allow the plaster to completely dry before we paint the walls. All walls and ceilings are initially white washed then painted to a colour or colours of your choice.

10. Roll and Stroll Premium Carpet Protector: Prior to any work commencing all floor working areas are covered with Roll and Stroll Premium carpet Protector.

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