Heating Grants

Heating Grants

Grants Are now Available for Private Homeowners and Private Tenants to receive 100% Free Central Heating.

Heating Grants

Included in the install is a Free A Rated boiler, Radiators and Wireless Heating Controls.

To Qualify you must simply meet the following criteria:

1. Receive one of the benefits listed here.

2. Own or private rent your house.

3. The property must not have previously had Gas Central Heating.

4. The property must be heated by one of the following methods:

- Electric Room Heaters
- Electric Storage Heaters
- Gas Room Heaters
- Single Gas Fires
- Or have no heating at all Present.

5. Your House must be Adequately Insulated (if not we will be able to bring it up to specification).

What is Included in the Grant?

1. A-rated Combi Boiler.

2. Radiators in every room including Kitchen and Bathroom.

3. A+ Rated Heating controls and thermostat with trv’s on each radiator.

4. Magna Clean Magnetic Water Filter.

How do I Apply?

1. Fill in the form.

2. Our office will then contact you.

3. Initial Survey will be arranged.

4. Gas survey will be arranged.

5. Install will be booked.

6. You receive Free Central Heating.

It is unknown how long grants will be available so ACT NOW!